...playin' some jamin' tunes in beautiful Clear Lake.

Upcoming Concerts, Performances & Events:


Jan 5, 12, 19, 26 Tahoe City, CA
Jan 4,5 Truckee, CA
Jan 6, 11 Northstar, CA
Jan 11 Genoa, NV
Feb 2, 8, 9, 14, 16, 23 Tahoe City, CA
Feb 15, 16 Truckee, CA
Feb 22 Squaw Valley, CA
Mar 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 Tahoe City, CA
Mar 10, 23 Diamond Peak, Incline Village, NV
April 6 Tahoe City, CA

April 27 Incline Village at Glasses Wine Bar
​May 9 Reno, NV at Rue Bourbon
May 21,28 Reno, NV SAF
May 19,26 Reno, NV​ OLS
June 1 El Dorado Hills, CA
June 2,9,16,23, OLS Reno, NV
June 20, 25, 27 RHA Reno, NV
June 21 UTR Incline Beach, NV
June 22 Northstar, CA UTR
June 24 Ritz Carlton Northstar, CA
​June 28, 29 Iron Bar Saloon, Yosemite, CA
July 7,14,21,28 Reno, NV OLS
July 5 UTR Jason's Kings Beach, CA
July 6 UTR Incline Village, NV
July 12 Incline Beach, MF
July 16 Ritz Carlton Northstar, CA
July 18, 25 RHA Reno
July 31 Ritz Carlton, Tahoe
Aug 4,11,18,25, OLS Reno, NV
Aug 2 Incline Village, NV UTR
Aug 8 ECCS Sparks, NV
Aug 10 UTR Incline Village
Aug 22 Carson City Jazz Fest UTR
Aug 20,27 RHA Reno, NV
Aug 24 Stateline, NV
Aug 25 FCC Cold Springs, NV
Sept 1,8,15,22,29 OLS Reno, NV
Sept 1,8,15 FCC Cold Springs, NV
Sept 19 SAF Carson City, NV
Sept 7 Tunnel Creek Cafe, Incline MF
Sept 26 Ritz Carlton, Tahoe
Oct 5 NPGS Monterey, CA
Oct 10 HAR Reno, NV
Oct 13,20,27 OLS Reno, NV
Oct 19 GWB Incline Village, NV
Oct 24 HAR Reno, CA
Nov 3,17,10 LOS Reno
Nov 6 Sacramento, CA
Nov 9 Elk Grove, CA
Nov 12 RHA Reno, NV
Nov 12 Ritz Northstar, CA
Nov 19, 28 RHA Reno, NV
Nov 28 SAF ECCS Reno, NV
Dec 3, 5, 26, 31 RHA Reno, NV
Dec 6 Incline Village, NV
Dec 14 Incline Village, NV
Dec 21 Carson City, NV MLU
Dec 1,8,15, LOS Reno, NV


Every Tuesday 7:00PM PST Theme Song for CCCCC
on www.KNVC.org 95.1FM

an 12, 19, 26 OLS Reno, NV
Jan 14 RHA Reno, NV
Jan 16 ECCS Carson City, NV
Jan 17 Tahoe City, CA
Feb 6 RHA Reno, NV
Feb 9 Diamond Peak, Incline Village UTR
Feb 13 ECCS Sparks, NV
Feb 15 Glasses Incline Village, NV
Feb 23 Northstar, CA UTR
Mar 1 The Rellik Tavern, Benicia, CA
Mar 3, 12  RHA Reno, NV
Mar 6, 21 Tahoe City, CA
Mar 15, 22, 29 OLS Reno, NV
Mar 27,28 Bar of America UTR
May 22,23 Bar of America UTR
​June 5 Incline Beach UTR
June 27 Incline Village, NV
July 10, 11 Tahoe City, CA
Aug 1, 2, 8, 9 OLS Reno
​Aug 14 Kings Beach, CA
Aug 18 ECCS Sierra Arts Gallery, Reno, NV
Aug 28 Incline Village, NV
Sept 5 "Glasses Winebar" Tahoe
Sept 25 Incline Village, NV
Oct 3 Crystal Bay, NV
Oct 10 Glasses Winebar, Tahoe
Oct 24 & 25 OLS Reno Retreat
Oct 31 OLS Reno
Nov 1 Reno, NV
Dec 8 Loomis, CA


Jan 16 Riverside Farmrers Market Reno
Feb 6,7 OLS Retreat Lake Tahoe
Mar 27 Glasses Winebar Lake Tahoe
April 29 POTR Reno, NV
May 25 HA Sierra Arts Reno
June 1 HASAReno
June 3 HA SA Reno renown
June 24 POTR Reno

June 27 Alibi Incline Lake Tahoe
July 4 OLS Reno 
July 3 Crystal Bay Lake Tahoe
July 17 Lake Tahoe

July 18 Reno

July 20 Reno RHA

July 22 Reno Renown

July 25 Reno
Aug 12 POTR Reno
Aug 20 Incline Beach Tahoe

Sept 18 Vocal Showcase MLU

Oct 2 Glasses Wine Bar Tahoe

Nov 6 Adkins Family Winery Elk Grove CA

Nov 9 A-Z Sacramento CA

...Benicia is one of my favorite places to share the amazing journey with people through music.

Mike Badinger

For $35 online

lessons please call 775-443-7018 or email me at mikebadinger@ gmail.com  THANKS!

on the road again...

...downtown Grassvalley to play music at a very nice event...

"I'm so thrilled to have been able to have had the opportunity to create music on various projects with some of the best. Thank you to all my friends out there on the road."   -M 


Mike has played music with many well-known artists including: Scott Silverberg and West Side Jazz Club in San Francisco, Steve Bailey from Dizzy Gillespie and The Rippingtons, Phil Driscoll, Bob Kilpatrick, Randy Stonehill, Paul Balache, POG Band, Gary Krohn, Jim Ridl, Marty Williams, Ron Kenoly, The Badingers, The Mark Austin Band... played in bands that have been the opening act for Bonnie Raitt, BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Delirious, Jars of Clay, Michael W. Smith...composes music for radio jingles and other original projects...constantly working in his personal recording studio... got his start as a professional by playing standards with his Dad, Fred Badinger...teaches and does music clinics...has done studio work in Los Angeles...traveled around the world in a 150-city tour with Terry Talbot...received a music education at North Texas State University in Denton, Texas...

Bio / Touring / Events

...nicola strings has a nice commercial that I got to play a little James Taylor on...

Mike was voted "Best Of" solo musicians on Thumbtack.com for two years in a row.