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Every Tuesday 7:00PM PST Theme Song for CCCCC
on www.KNVC.org 95.1FM

Jan 12, 19, 26 OLS Reno, NV
Jan 14 RHA Reno, NV
Jan 16 ECCS Carson City, NV
Jan 17 Tahoe City, CA
Feb 6 RHA Reno, NV
Feb 9 Diamond Peak, Incline Village UTR
Feb 13 ECCS Sparks, NV
Feb 15 Glasses Incline Village, NV
Feb 23 Northstar, CA UTR

Mar 1 The Rellik Tavern, Benicia, CA
Mar 3, 12  RHA Reno, NV

Mar 6, 21 Tahoe City, CA

Mar 15, 22, 29 OLS Reno, NV
Mar 27,28 Bar of America UTR
May 22,23 Bar of America UTR

​June 5 Incline Beach UTR

​Aug 14 Kings Beach, CA

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  • 6:04
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  • 5:22
  • 3:58
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  • 3:24
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Mike Badinger

Great acoustic guitar ambiance. Mike was extremely professional and a joy to work with.
Larry I. -San Francisco, CA

Mike performed at my Wife's surprise 40th Birthday. Mike was truly amazing. His guitar and singing skills are excellent. The best part is his attitude. He was suppose to play for 2 hours and ended up playing for 3.5hrs. Many of the guests sang while he played guitar. Every guest was jamming and he made the party ROCK! I wish I have another opportunity to listen to Mike play and sing. Thank You!
Karan A. -Sacramento, CA

Hi Mike, I love your music! I would love for you to perform at our event! Village with Heart's Creative Fun Fair is a family event encouraging teens, young adults and others to pursue their dreams! Your music is very inspirational! I love your music!!! Thanks so much, 
Joyce S. -Lake Tahoe/Reno​​